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Clean and fresh-smelling carpets lend a professional atmosphere to any business or office. Customers view spotless businesses as a good indicator of your company’s professionalism and attention to detail. To maintain a pleasant, welcoming environment, use quality commercial carpet extractors. In addition to thoroughly cleaning the carpets, these carpet cleaners help prolong the life of carpets by being tough on dirt particles and gentle on the carpet fibers.

The best industrial carpet extractors are noted for their high-quality components that provide cleaning power, efficiency, and durability. A wide range of carpet shampooers designed for commercial or industrial environments are available with low flow technology. This helps to eliminate dirt, stains, grime, oil, and other deposits from the carpeted surfaces with little water. The low amount of moisture used in these industrial cleaners also reduces the drying period to as little as 1 to 6 hours. This prevents any mold or mildew growth due to prolonged damp carpets and allows business owners to resume operation shortly after cleaning.

In addition to low-flow technology, another key feature is temperature. Non-heated and heated versions of commercial carpet extractors are available. While non-heated carpet cleaners are ideal for heat sensitive fibers or for lighter commercial applications, heated steam carpet shampooers more readily break down tough stains for faster cleaning.

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