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Pressure Washer Business
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Pressure Washer Business

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Daimer SUPER MAX 6120 SCW Pressure Washer

The Super Max™ 6120SCW is a powerful, industrial/commercial, low-moisture steam mobile car wash machine designed for auto detailing applications. This machine features:
  • 110V-120V, 60Hz engine
  • An astounding pressure of 1000 psi
  • Flow rate of .5 GPM, for efficient, low-flow cleaning that will not harm vehicle surfaces
  • Steam temperatures up to 250ºF
The Super Max™ 6120SCW is the ideal mobile car wash machine as it is safe for virtually all vehicle surfaces, including: engines, wheels, car exteriors, glass and more.

Things To Know Before Your Start A Pressure Washing Business

Pressure washing business can be a profitable venture, but you must have detailed knowledge about the various aspects of business including the working of a commercial pressure washer and industrial pressure washer equipment. To widen your scope of business, you must be able to cater to both residential and commercial cleaning needs. A good understanding of the market demands, peak season for business and your competition can be of great help in managing the pressure washer business better.

It is a myth that pressure washers can be used only for residential and commercial cleaning. There are other types of cleaning that a pressure washing business can cater to. They include roof and gutter cleaning, maintenance of parking areas and driveways, roof cleaning, cleaning of gas stations, restaurants, commercial kitchens, house washing and boat cleaning and keeping external walls and floorings free from dirt and grime.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer

Choosing a pressure washer can be easy if you know their various applications and features. Pressure washers with the right capability and pressure output must be chosen so that they can be used for various cleaning tasks and a variety of surfaces. Choosing a trusted and proven brand can assure you of consistent performance and durability of the machine.

Gas pressure washers are versatile cleaning machines and ideal for outdoor use. The best gas pressure washers will have a pressure output as high as 4,000 PSI and a flow of 3 to 4 gallons per minute. Jobs which require removal of heavy grease, oil stains and chemical spills can be better handled with hot water pressure washers. Hot water pressure cleaners not only clean comprehensively, but also save you time because the job is done faster and does not involve physical effort that conventional cleaning methods demand.

When compared to a gas pressure washer, an electric pressure washer has a few advantages but they have their limitations too. They do not emit any fumes and operate with less noise. However, because they need to be plugged into an electrical supply source, they cannot be used for outdoor cleaning as conveniently as a gas pressure washer or diesel operated cleaning machine. Also, electrical pressure washers need careful handling.

Why Use Steam Cleaners?

A steam pressure washer is another extremely useful and multifaceted cleaning machine and can work wonders for your pressure washer business. A quality steam pressure washer can be just the type of machine you need for managing the tough challenges of industrial and commercial cleaning. They are also useful for auto detailing. An advanced steam pressure washer from the best retailer can be used for heavy duty cleaning tasks that you encounter in industries such as grease removal and removing hardened oils, chemical spills, and even food build-up.

The best steam cleaners combine the powers of pressure cleaning and steam cleaning to remove most kinds of buuld-up from hard surfaces such as flooring, walls and machinery. Pressure washers can be used in various ways and are considered an eco-friendly way of cleaning because they do not involve use of harsh chemicals.

Pressure washers are also the perfect cleaning machines for keeping public places clean and dirt free. Cleaning areas such as sidewalks, walkways, parking lots and even public transport fleets can be a breeze with these powerful pressure washers. Using machines from reputable suppliers is important to help you get the best out of your pressure washing business.

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Daimer SUPER MAX 7000

Daimer SUPER MAX 7000 pressure washer
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